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Model Portfolio Studio Shoot

A really fun day of shooting with fellow photographer Kiran at Tip Top Studios with some great models and brilliant make up artists! I finally got to make good use out of my huge octabank and PLM umbrella! Totally love the quality of light output from these two modifiers!


Credits to:

Hair & Make Up Artists: Harpreet | Sandeep | Sejal

Models: Jaineesha | Raji | Srina


Tix & Chan’s Civil Wedding Photoshoot

A few images from Tix & Chan’s photoshoot. A really great day of shooting! We had loadsa fun shooting at lots of different locations. So much so that we decided to shoot until it got dark! It was definitely a blast! Thanks guys.

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The Lovely Wedding Couple in Venezia

A few impromptu stills taken of the beautiful ‘just married’ couple in Venice. Congratulations!

If you guys want the images, just email me or leave a comment 🙂

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Vanisha & Vinesh’s Wedding

Last weekend I had the honour of being the photographer for Vanisha & Vinesh’s Wedding. I was following Vanisha’s side for both the pre-events and the actual wedding day. The whole family was lovely and it was great working with such nice people!

It rained nearly everyday following up to the wedding but a very welcomed change in weather came about on the actual day. It was warm, bright and sunny! Good luck or what? Unfortunately we didn’t get time for a photoshoot because things were running a little behind schedule, but nonetheless it was a successful day!

Below are some of my selections from the day, and a couple of images from the preceding days.

Congratulations Vanisha and Vinesh!

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